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Mayken Trax Pty Ltd are specialists in the manufacture, supply and installation of hospital bedscreen systems, shower curtain rails, intravenous units (IV units) and curtain tracks.

An obligation-free advisory and quotation service is available for Australian customers.

We have listed here a brief description of the products we offer, and a brochure with specifications is available. Please e-mail us with your contact details for a free copy (Australian addresses only please).

Hospital Bedscreen Systems

Mayken Trax hospital bedscreens are designed specifically for use in hospital wards, doctor's rooms and areas where privacy cubicles are required. The track is capable of spanning up to 3 metres without centre support. Available in either a natural anodised or powder-coated finish. Nylon slides, or, alternatively, twin-wheel type nylon rollers ensure ease of operation and quiet running.

Radius curves are supplied in a standard 300mm radius.

Screen Curtains

Competitive prices are available on screen curtains in a range of colours. Fabrics include poly/rayon, and fire-retardant mod-acrylics.

Shower Curtain Tracks

Shower Curtain Tracks are available in natural anodised or powder-coated aluminium. Our strong, durable track is an ideal system for hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions, as well as around the home.

Tracks are available in two sizes (15x25mm and 19x44mm), and can be bent to suit most size shower bases or spa baths.

Mobile Track

Mobile track is also available for use in intensive care or coronary care wards, where variable space is required for additional equipment. It is ideal for flexibility of bed space.

Intravenous Units

Telescopic Intravenous Tree:

  • Simple push-button telescopic adjustment to increase or decrease gravitational feed;
  • Body is automatically locked into position when adjust button is released;
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminium construction;
  • Ceiling-mounted on aluminium track -- gives mobility to any point above patient;
  • Holds a maximum of 5 I.V. bottles; and
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit different ceiling heights.

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